Bitzon: Revolutionizing The E- Commerce Market

With the drastic evolution of technology, the e-commerce market is rapidly acquiring its lion’s share in the international retail exchange. There is an overwhelming expansion in the number of e-commerce platform users from both the customers and buyers’ perspectives. With its ongoing momentum, the global e-commerce sector is expected to leverage an overall $2.2 trillion revenue by the year-end. It is seen that nearly 20 percent of the worldwide population is increasing every year to purchase in the online forums. A recent study of the global e-commerce market shows that on an average every year 16 percent of the population is joining the e-commerce forum to enhance their trading and shopping experience. 


With the increasing demand for online shopping, numerous small and medium-sized organizations are entering the international trading league to attract a broader customer base. Several traders are now getting instilled to join the global e-commerce league to promote brand awareness to a general audience. But there are several challenges for the small organizations who try to compete with e-commerce giants on an international forum.  


However, the lucrative offers of the global marketplace are attracting both the customers as well as sellers. Struggling with the disparities, small-scale organizations are still trying to settle in the international retail market. But the costs of maintaining an online forum are quite expensive for organizations who have limited resources. These small-scale organizations have to bear an overhead cost of the platform along with registration and establishment fees of the company in the countries where their platform is based. 


This where Bitzon, the world’s first blockchain based e-commerce platform eases the peril. The platform forms a bridge to connect several vendors especially the small scale industrialists who are struggling to find a loyal customer base. With Bitzon, these low budgeted organizations need not pay any additional cost of maintaining the operation on the online forum. They can easily trade at the minimal expense from any part of the world. 


Besides, several factors determine the establishment of an online store. One amongst them is the price of the product that online shoppers mainly look for. Nearly 70 percent are interested in having a good quality product at an affordable rate. 80 percent of the population, however, ponders upon the delivery cost and speed of the purchased product, while 71 percent of customers are interested in the commercial and promotional offers that they get while buying a product.  

Bitzon is a game changer here as well. The platform guarantees selling uniquely designed products at an affordable range which is unmatched in any other e-commerce platform.  


Thus it so happens that online shoppers have four basic criteria while they select an online store. Their primary focus is on the quality and price of the product, followed by the delivery speed, simplified regulations for purchase, and 24 hours multilingual customer support. Nonetheless, a secured mode of payment is what online shoppers and sellers seek for.  And all these criteria are exclusively available on the Bitzon platform. 


To steer the wheel of fortune for these small-scale e-commerce organizations, Bitzon, the world’s first blockchain empowered online e-commerce platform has made a robust entry in the market. It offers silver bullet solutions to the small scale organizations by providing additional support in maintaining and automating the online store, so that sellers can focus on brand promotion. This platform as well guarantees transparency in the network, secured payment, and sell of unique and superior quality product. 


Visit https://bitzon.io/ to know more. 


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