RipaEx — DPOS Financial Ecosystem

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RipaExDPOS Financial Ecosystem 

RipaEx is a project build on two pillars: 

  • Ripa Exchange: an open source exchange based on the source code of Peatio (www.peatio.com) 
  • Ripa Blockchain: a DPOS blockchain with its own XPX token that will serve to share liquidity between all Ripa Exchanges in the Ripa network 
  • The development of the project will follow the paradigm: 

  • Ripa Exchange: paid contribution to the community for making a modular, secure and UI responsive exchange starting from the source code of Peatio 
  • Ripa Blockchain: all the latest features of ARK will be merged in our GitHub reposistories, as Ripa Blockchain is an ARK fork we will always entrust ARK as our technology provider and paid contribution will be done for porting ARK features into Ripa codebase (ARK 2.0, libraries, true block weight software, others application…) 
  • To make the return of investment to the investors of the RipaEx project we will proceed on two paths: 

  • Technical/Technological: the XPX token has a purpose as explained in the introduction of chaper “4. The Ripa Blockchain” of the whitepaper, we will push for broader use of the XPX token in our ecosystem and in the ecosystems that find added value to our token. 
  • Economical: XPX tokens not covered by explandeable funding during the Ripa ICO (PreSale and RIPA TEC phases) will be burnt forever to avoid speculation on the token remaining as explained in section “5.3. XPX Ripa Token Distribution” of the whitepaper. 
  • Current exchange phase is: 

    Phase: PreSale
    Phase Ending: Sunday 09/30/2018
    Exchange Rate: ₱/€0.10
    Accepted Coins: BTC, ETH, ARK, LISK (contact us for more…)
    Bonus: 100%
    Soft Cap: 25 BTC 

    Current airdrops are: 

  • ₱125 for first 1,000 users that join our Telegram or Slack channel and like our Facebook or Twitter page 
  • ₱500 for setting up a node 
  • €1,000 in trading fees on the first Ripa Exchange if you invest at least €100.00 in the project 
  • For any doubt, suggestion or if you are just curious I invite you to join our Telegram, Slack or Gitter channels and learn more about our project in the links below: 

    Website: www.ripaex.io
    Bitcointalk ANN: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3759172
    Whitepaper: github.com/RipaEx/whitepaper/raw/master/eng/RipaEx_WP_EN.pdf
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ripaex
    Twitter: twitter.com/ripaex
    Telegram: t.me/ripaex
    Slack: ripaex.slack.com
    Gitter: gitter.im/RipaEx/RipaEx
    GitHub: github.com/RipaEx/
    Medium: medium.com/ripaex 


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