Benefits of cryptomats from С

Benefits of cryptomats from С
Benefits of cryptomats from С

Today we will talk about a revolutionary method of buying and selling crypto that is as simple as a clock, namely about cryptomats and the project. With the help of this project, you can easily quickly buy and sell crypto in Slovakia.

How does a cryptomat work?

ATMs from the manufacturer General Bytes are visually very similar to classic ATMs and terminals. Yes, and the principle of operation of such equipment is similar. The scheme consists of several stages:

  • inserting a card into a slot or depositing fiats;
  • indication of the required amount;
  • entering crypto wallet data;
  • transaction.

All terminals can be divided according to the type of user identification, where this process takes place in each of them in its own way:

  • QR scanning;
  • carrying out operations by telephone number;
  • fingerprint verification;
  • entrance to your personal account with the possibility of conducting operations;
  • synchronization with the crypto exchange.

In terminals from General Bytes, as a rule, a QR scan is enough to confirm the user.

In addition, all cryptocurrency terminals can be divided into 3 types depending on the operations performed:

  • 1 operation: with the help of such devices, you can only purchase virtual assets;
  • 2 operations: with the help of such Bitcoin-ATMs, both the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies are possible;
  • universal: with their help, they not only buy / sell digital assets, but also pay for any goods and services with them.

Cryptomats from the project belong to the universal category. Thanks to the ease of navigation of cryptomats, you can buy or sell crypto in Slovakia in a matter of minutes.

Crypto ATM courses terminals work with several crypto exchanges at once, so the buyer has a choice where the option of buying / selling a digital asset will be more profitable. You can buy any popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), Litecon (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH(DASH), Ripple(XRP), TRON(TRX) and more.

Advantages of cryptomats

Let’s summarize the positive aspects of cryptocurrency terminals from the project.


  • the familiar format of an ordinary ATM;
  • the ability to purchase digital assets for cash, without access to the banking system;
  • high speed of operations;
  • even if verification is necessary, it is faster than on the exchange.


Cryptomat is a convenient and modern tool. Increasingly, there will be requests “cryptomat how to use” from new members of the crypto community, which means that fewer fears and bewilderments will surround this topic. Most likely, the capabilities of such devices will grow over time.

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