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GSM and Wi-Fi antennas

Some antennas use in cellular signal increase systems. External GSM antenna design creates a „local“ cell in the „dead zone“. It receives the signal from the base station; transmits it through HF-cable to the amplifier-decoder located inside the object where you want to create a coverage area.

Types of external GSM antennas

The choice of type of external antenna to improve the quality of voice depends, first of all, on the object:

  • It is better to choose an omnidirectional circular antenna to ensure stable signal reception inside office space or basement, equipped for cafes and restaurants;
  • For underground parking places, hangars, warehouses and other industrial premises, sector antennas are best suited;
  • For residential houses in rural areas, cottages, country cottages – directional (wave channel).

Design and appearance

The basis of any antenna-amplifier is a metal construction of an especial shape, which amplifies the signal.

The housing of the external antenna has sealed. In some cases, when there is to need, it equipped with a socket protector.

How to choose an external GSM-antenna

You should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Antenna type;
  • Polarization;
  • Gain indicates.

The tower transmits the signal to the user’s antenna

The farther away it from the router that emits the primary signal, the more you need to use a system with an intensifier Wi-Fi antenna.

Serves on the method of installation, antennas divide into two types:


Outer router antenna is characterized by an increased coefficient of gain when installed in a line-of-sight tower. The outdoor Wi-Fi antenna can have an impressive size, so it installs outside the premises.


Indoor Wi-Fi antenna settings a relatively weak gain of the wireless signal. The small size and design of the equipment allow the device within the premises.

According to the signal direction

By direction of the transmitted and received signals, antennas divide into:

Omni Directional

They all have a characteristic uniform signal radiation and a small

gain. Installed both indoors and outdoors. Optimal for use in urban areas.


Encompass a wider bandwidth of wireless signals, and they have a high amplification factor. The signal strength level does not do not depend on the point of installation. Antennas for digital devices today are small and inexpensive. They are also easy to replace and integrate.

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