Build your casino and become a millionaire

Casino Inc.: Build your casino and become the richest and most powerful chip store owner!

Is there anything better than spending a few dollars on poker or slot machines? Maybe! You can become the owner of this establishment and take all the profits for yourself!

Welcome to the casino

Casino Inc. — A type of economic simulator. Any decision you make will carry weight. So buy, sell, hire staff, and regulate who your guests will be.

Before you start the game, choose the city in which your casino will open. Each location is a level of difficulty. Depending on whether there are competitors in the city, how many residents and potential customers there are, the number of «stars» will differ. Newcomers should choose locations where there are no other gambling establishments. If you already have a strategy, try to win back a piece of the market.

From base to free float.

At the beginning, the game offers a series of tasks to familiarize yourself with the functionality. You’ll have to figure out how to buy a site, how to expand it, choose new equipment, and hire the right employees. After passing the mandatory tests, you move on to «free floating». Now you can decide who will visit your casino, how many employees will work in it.

Different strategies

The mechanics of working with different target audience worked out in the game, as well as possible. Your casino can visit as all categories of the population, and may be those who are on the stop list. For example, students or teenagers. Such a contingent will not let the face control. Who to let in and who not to let in depends on your business strategy.

Poor people are only interested in the paltry price of food and drink. The amount of bets should be minimal. To attract them, you can put on a movie theater and make extra money from it.
The middle class is not willing to bet above $5. They are the most in the game. To make money, you will need to attract them in large numbers. To do this, run a free bus that will bring them to the casino.
The rich people in town are usually few, but they’re willing to spend the whole «cutlet» if the casino has courteous staff and a hotel built on the top floors. To get more money from them, use extras. For example, employ waiters who can serve food not only inside the gaming rooms, but also in hotel rooms.
As your profits grow, you can buy new buildings, expand your game list and increase the number of special services.

Manager Mechanics

Your main task is to manage the establishment competently.

Most of the gameplay is devoted to working with the staff, and after that — customers.

Depending on how well-trained employees you will hire, will grow the percentage of pleasure of your clients. If the bouncers can not tell a decent visitor from the local hooligan, who can break a couple of machines, the mood of other customers will fall, and you will incur heavy expenses to restore the rooms.

In the initial stages, carefully select employees and watch how they work.

Bottom line .

Casino Inc. justly takes its place among the top 20 best economic strategies released in the early 2000s. Today it is worth the attention of those who want to plunge into nostalgia or «stick» for a couple of hours in pixelated graphics and the sounds of slot machines, disgruntled customers, and chips on the table. See a more detailed review of the game here —

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