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5 reasons to start paying utility bills online

What are the advantages of the EPUL online payment system?

In Azerbaijan, fast online payment for utilities is available through the EPUL system.. The advantage of such online payments is the presence of a large list of options and opportunities:

  • Receive an E-wallet
  • Bonuses are accrued
  • Setting up debt control
  • Automatic payments
  • Card registration
  • View payment history
  • Transfers from card to card
  • Setting up additional protection for security
  • Mobile app
  • Virtual card
  • Preparing account statements

5 reasons to start paying utility bills online

When, to pay for a communal apartment, you have to make a tedious trip to the bank or post office, and then wait in line and get tired afterwards – this is not the best way to spend your time. It is difficult to find a person who voluntarily wants to spend time resting on these procedures.

It is much easier and faster to pay for a utility room over the Internet, especially through the reliable EPUL service And if you haven’t used this option yet, it’s time to learn.

Reason 1. Affordable and simple.

Absolutely everyone can pay the bill. Everything is much simpler than with paper receipts at the checkout.
A bank card and a device with an Internet connection are required.
Often, there is already a special template for each type of payment. All fields where you need to enter data will be signed.

Reason 2. By paying on the Internet, you protect your health

At the very least, save your nerves, which often suffer from stress while waiting in line in a crowd.

Reason 3. Pay fast 24/7

Finally, you don’t have to set aside a day to go to the cash register with a stack of papers. Pay your bills whenever and wherever convenient. We left for another city, forgetting to pay the bills – now there is no such problem. For example, utility bills are available through the EPUL payment system options both when you are in the city and when far outside of it.

Reason 4. Reliable, safe, with guarantees

All systems that accept payments on the Internet work with certified companies Visa and MasterCard. Even if you make a mistake somewhere when entering values ​​in the fields, the system will not send the payment, fixing the mismatch.

Reason 5. No need to buy glue for receipts

Systems that accept online payments for services create a personal account for you, link it to your E-mail. The system will store payment history, receipts, statements created by you. If necessary, you can print the required receipt.

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