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Body massage: secrets of Thai healing methods

There are various ways to have a beneficial effect on the body – from hugs, gentle strokes to professional therapeutic massage. Along with the traditional relaxing, there are non-standard massage options. Experiment lovers can safely recommend trying an erotic body massage.

Body massage: secrets of Thai healing methods

The emergence and definition of the term body massage

The beginning of this massage was laid in Asian countries, it appeared more than 2000 years ago. The term is simply translated: body means body, therefore this type of massage is performed not only with the hands, as in the classical version, but with the whole body. It is popular, for example, among the Thais. During the session, Thai masseuses not only stimulate the energy centers, but directly affect the seхuality of the client.

It is believed that body massage is especially relevant for men, in part, because the session is always performed by female masseuses. Women are less likely to go to salons with such services. Usually the time allotted for all stages of the massage is about three hours. However, tourists prefer the shortened version – an hour or an hour and a half.

Massage technique and its stages

Thai massage necessarily includes preparation and, directly, massage. A positive healing effect is achieved by gradually relaxing the client, releasing clamps and then acting on special points and sensitive areas of the body.

In carrying out body massage for both men and women, the following sequence of actions is observed:

  • Preliminary stage. Warm aromatic bath with foam. Washing the visitor is an important part. In Thai massage, one of the rules is the cleanliness of both the massage master and the client, so there is a room with a jacuzzi next to the massage room.
  • Massage. After washing, the client’s body is coated with oil. Slowly, the masseuse goes through all parts separately – from the feet to the cervical zone. In this case, stroking and pressing, rubbing, pinching and patting are allowed. First, the massage is carried out by separate parts of the body – hands and feet, sometimes with the mouth (a kind of vacuum massage) of the master, only at the second stage of the session the effect goes to the whole body.
  • Seхual contact – only with the consent of the client.

For men

Often, a body massage performed for a man is a kind of prelude to start a seхual relationship. During it, there is an active effect on libido and male power, seхual desire arises and increases.

If the massage is carried out by a couple in love, the participants in this process get to know each other’s desires better. Thanks to such a pleasant pastime, partners become not only physically, but also emotionally closer.

For women

Body massage is suitable not only for men, but also for women. Erotic massage has a beneficial effect on a woman’s health, is able to awaken her seхuality and enhance sensory perception. Spiritual enrichment, harmonization at all energy levels also goes through physical impact.

The culmination of massage movements is the release of hormones that support female beauty and youth, create a good mood.

Tourists‘ opinion about body massage

There are two categories of visitors‘ opinions regarding the erotic aspect of body massage. On the one hand, if a person is not mentally prepared enough or did not expect such influences from the masseuse at all, he may react negatively and immediately refuse services. Often, clients do not want to give a large amount of money – body is much more expensive than other types of massage.

A different point of view is supported by those for whom this massage caused positive emotions. They note pleasant sensations after the session: a calm, relaxed state and general well-being.

You should be morally inclined to a body massage for a man or a woman. A massage therapist is a specialist who should not be shy. You can find out the details of the session from the master, and then, having calmed down a little, you can get maximum pleasure and a healing effect.

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